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服裝品牌VI設計 by 心銘舍

服裝品牌VI設計 by 心銘舍

Project :Branding | 服裝品牌VI設計
Partners : BORSA
Agency: Xinming Design | 心銘舍品牌設計
Year : 2018
BORSA是一家意大利服裝品牌,致力于打造當代男士新時尚主義的服飾潮流。 品牌的關鍵價值之一是形成一個強大的男性元素符號,并結合意大利這個強大而永恒的超級符號。 我們創造了一個整體品牌美學,并體現了美觀的設計和材料以及功能一體化的服裝視覺。 從新標識和模塊化圖標到購物袋,記事卡,標簽,文具,網站等。
BORSA is a Italy based clothing brand committed to outfitting the contemporary man
with versatile fashion pieces. One of the key values of the brand is to unify feminine and masculine elements which results
in a strong and timeless clothing line. I created an overall brand aesthetic that aligns itself with Italy's clientele
that embodies good looking designs and materials as well as functional and well fitting clothing. Below you can find
some of the things I worked on, ranging from the new logo and modular icon to shopping bags,
notecards, labels, stationery, a website and more.


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